Real Estate Offerings in Esterillos Costa Rica
Real Estate Offerings in Esterillos Costa Rica
Cabo Caletas Master Plan
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Costa Rica Home Building Experience

Building your dream house in Costa Rica can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience with proper planning and construction management.

Our building team has designed and built custom luxury homes (built to US Standards) over the past 30 years. This experience allows us to build high-quality homes that fit the natural characteristics of the site while staying within an established timeframe and budget.

Our management process starts by having a session with the owner to understand their goals before any official design begins.  From there, we will review various floor plans, construction materials, finishes, budget management, construction timelines, exchange of documentation and construction updates.

Working with an experienced group with knowledge can give you a high quality home that will be relatively easy to maintain.  For instance, designing a home while considering the tropical conditions of Costa Rica can save an owner thousands of dollars in annual maintenance costs alone, just by selecting the right building materials.  Our designers work with the owner to achieve the right balance of design, cost and maintenance.

Floor Plans and Designs

We have several home designs available ranging from 3,000 to over 6,000 square feet all of which can be modified or adjusted.  Our designers can also design a completely custom home if the owner wishes to engage in a full design process.

Construction Budget

The construction budget depends on the materials and finishes that the owner approves based upon their personal desires and tastes.  Our step-by-step process itemizes each approved selection by the owner in an effort to have an accurate budget and reduce the potential for unexpected costs.  This level of detail up front allows for a smooth construction process that will exceed expectations.

Payment Schedule

  • $10,000 US deposit to begin design

  • 25% blueprints and permitting (minus deposit)

  • 25% to begin the foundation & grey construction

  • 25% to begin the roof installation

  • 20% to begin installing finishes and painting

  • 5% upon completion and owner inspection

Ask us about Financing Options

The time to build varies depending on size and complexity but a typical house will take 12 months from start to finish.