Real Estate Offerings in Esterillos Costa Rica
Real Estate Offerings in Esterillos Costa Rica
Cabo Caletas Master Plan
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Property Description

Situated on 450 acres of rolling hills overlooking the pristine beaches of Esterillos, Cabo Caletas is fast becoming one of Costa Ricas hottest development properties.

In addition to magnificent views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, we have created amenities throughout the property which embrace the natural beauty of Costa Rica. And, of course, our trademark Caletas which is the Spanish word for Reef, where you will experience the incoming and outgoing tides as waves crashing on the outside volcanic reef before replenishing water into our calm tidal pools.

The property is located directly on the beach and has over 1 Kilometer of the Coastal Highway frontage which makes it extremely accessible yet provides complete privacy and seclusion from the town of Esterillos. The views looking away from the ocean are large, primary rainforest mountain views. These Mountains are home to many different species of animals which migrate to and from the wildlife refuge, our neighbor.

Our dark sandy beach is protected by a volcanic reef which creates tidal pools ideal for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. The reef is extremely unique because as the tide comes in, the reef completely disappears, leaving sparkling blue water with a soft sandy beach. As the tide goes out, the volcanic reef becomes visible along with the many tidal pools rich with marine life acting as a natural aquarium. Spending time with friends and family exploring the reef is one of the most memorable activities one can do in Costa Rica.

The tide fluctuates 3 meters (10 feet) and provides a relaxing and spectacular show as the ocean goes through its natural daily cycle thus the ocean views are constantly changing.

In addition, we neighbor a wildlife refuge which extends for 9 kilometers (6 miles) along the beach providing a private natural setting which will never be disturbed as it is protected by MINAE (Ministry of Natural Resources). This wildlife refuge will never be developed as it is designated as a Protected Turtle Reserve.