Real Estate Offerings in Esterillos Costa Rica
Real Estate Offerings in Esterillos Costa Rica
Cabo Caletas Master Plan
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The Greener Side

Cabo Caletas Ocean & Golf Club is uniquely positioned along a migratory corridor serving several different species of animals such as monkeys, sloths, pizotes, deer, scarlet macaws, toucans and a wide variety of countless exotic birds.

Our environmental goal is for our community to be seamlessly integrated into the environment with minimal impact and to have the natural beauty of the property enhance the experience when visiting Cabo Caletas. In order to accomplish this, we have designed:

  • Our master plan building coverage will only be 15% of the 450 acre property
  • Creation of several lakes to retain and detain storm drainage runoff. These lakes will serve as water habitats for a variety of animals.
  • A full tree inventory of the 450 acres which outlines the different species of trees onsite and the location of such trees in order to plan and incorporate them into our designs and minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Reforestation program to enhance the density of wildlife corridors and existing pasture land on the property.
  • Installation of 3 sewer treatment plants on site to manage all waste waters versus the use of septic tanks.
  • Creation of a nursery to grow a large inventory of a variety of fruit trees and plants which will be used in concert with the reforestation program.
  • Elimination of typical street lights which cause light pollution. Instead, we are installing low landscape lighting to protect nocturnal wildlife and sea turtles.
  • The selected grass for the Golf Course will be strand of Paspalum which requires 30% less irrigation and 50% less fertilizer. We are also incorporating several techniques to minimize water runoff.
  • Golf Course irrigation systems water comes from our storm drainage system as we are able to collect and store a sufficient quantity of water without tapping into the aquifer below.
  • Buildings were designed efficiently to minimize the amount of energy required to comfortably run each unit.
  • Air condition system for Bella Esterillos is the latest and one of the most environmental-friendly systems.
  • Establishing a recycling program.
  • All utilities are underground so not to be a hazard to the wildlife refuge and the animals that migrate.